For spectators

Places of interest to the public "KARDZHALI 4x4 OFFROAD FEST 2018"

Please fallow the map and hot spots for all interesting and important points for the race!

16 of March

10:00 to 17:00 pm  - Motocross Track "SIPEY" - N41 38.672 E25 23.918
Starts and finals of all categories, extreme points downhill and uphill for ATV and TROPHY.

17 of March

After 12:00 am to 16:00pm - GPS N41 32.438 E25 20.699
Junction to village Kuptsite on the road Kardzhali – Djebel - 12 km. from the camp.
You can watch a few extremes in a radius of 300 meters passing ATV, TROPHY EXPERT.
There is a lot for shooting - rocks, rivers, furrows, side slopes.

18 of March

Closed track to the rope bridge near the water mirror GPS N41° 37.963' E25° 22.040'
Start of all categories first start 9:30, official opening ceremony and awarding - all in one place.